Tax & Business Letter – Fall 2018

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How to Get a Handle on Employment Churn
How Much Should You Pay Yourself?
Know the Breakeven Point for Business Success
Make Managing Obsolete Inventory a Priority
Cash Flow Corner
IRS Tax Notes


Tax & Business Letter – Summer 2018

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Confused about the Tax Changes? You’re Not Alone
Happy Employees Make Businesses Boom
The 5-star Review Trap
Cash Flow Corner
What Parents Should Know about Summer Jobs
IRS Tax Notes

Tax & Business Letter – Spring 2018

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5 Big Changes for Businesses in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)
Going into Business with Your Spouse? Ask These Questions
Don’t Forget Your 401(k) When you Switch Jobs
Cash Flow Corner – Success Is As Simple As ABC
The 5 Numbers that Will Make or Break Your Business

Tax & Business Letter – Winter 2017

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Get Ready. Get Set. Year-end Filings Are Almost Here.
When Nature Turns Ugly, the Tax Code Can Help.
Relief for Harvey, Irma, and Maria Hurricane Victims
Here’s the 411 on 1099s
Cash Flow Corner – 3 Tips for Managing Your Company’s Cash Flow
Know What’s Best for Your Business
Tax Calendar


Tax & Business Letter – Fall 2017

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Six Simple Ideas for Your Small Business
Make Time for an Annual Beneficiary Checkup
Six Home Office Deduction Mistakes
Cash Flow Corner
Know the Early Signs of Problem Accounts
IRS Notes

Tax & Business Letter – Summer 2017

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Watch Out for These Two Business Scams
5 Midyear Tax Moves for 2017
Can I Work While Receiving Social Security Benefits?
10 Money-saving Tax Provisions You May Not Know
Age and Taxes – What Every Parent Should Know
IRS Tax Notes

Tax & Business Letter – Spring 2017

Small Changes Can Mean Big Gains in Employee Retention
Defray College Costs with Education Tax Breaks
Traditional IRAs: Six Facts You Should Know
Take Note of New Foreign Asset Reporting
IRS Tax Notes


Tax & Business Letter – Winter 2016

Hiring for the Holidays? Pay Attention to your Affordable Care Act Responsibilities
Keep Your Business Health with a Comprehensive Annual Checkup
Are You Making the Most of Your Vehicle Expense Deductions?
Get Your Finances in Shape for 2017
Use this Free Tool to Proactively Monitor Your Credit
This Tax Break Offers Benefits and Surprises


Tax & Business Letter – Fall 2016

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Health Accounts – Review Your Options
Can Partners Be Employees?
Partnership Tax Returns and What They Mean
Study These Work-related Education Tax Breaks
Provide the Right Mix of Employee Benefits
Don’t React Badly to Bad Economic News
IRS Tax Notes

Tax & Business Letter – Summer 2016

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Summertime Planning for Business Taxes
Learn How  to Manage Your Retirement Accounts
Be Familiar with These Retirement Plan Definitions
Organize Your Business Records to Save Time and Money
Are You in the Crosshairs with the IRS?

Tax & Business Letter – Spring 2016

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Discover Tax Savings in Extended Rules
Review Financial Decisions When Interest Rates Change
Make Tax-Smart Financial Moves in 2016
You Can Benefit From These 2015 Tax Breaks
Expensing Safe Harbor Increases
Social Security Strategies Change
2016 Mileage Reimbursement Rate Drops

Tax & Business Letter – Winter 2015

Coming Soon: New Affordable Care Act Filing Requirements for Employers
Include Investment Tax in Your Tax Planning
Protect Your Charitable Contribution Deduction
Do you Offer Financial Training to Your Employees?
Seven Suggestions to Manage Debt
IRS Tax Notes & Calendar

Tax & Business Letter – Fall 2015

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“Do Some Fourth Quarter Tax Planning for a Stronger Finish in 2015”
“Monitor Your Cash Flow for Business Success”
“Supreme Court Issues ACA Ruling”
“Have You Had this Important Talk with Your Parents?”
“IRS Tax Notes”


Tax & Business Letter – Summer 2015

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“How to Get Your Business Back on Track”
“Watch Out for the Dirty Dozen” – 2015 tax-related scams published by IRS
“Taxes & Marriage – The Second Time Around”
“Go Forward or Backward to Utilize Tax Benefits”

Tax & Business Letter – Spring 2015

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“Tax ‘Extenders’ Extended Again for 2014”
“Building Wealth Is Just a Matter of Time”
“Time Matters in Your Business Too”
“Adjust Your Tax and Financial Course for 2015”
“Postpone Taxes by Exchanging Property”

Tax & Business Letter – Winter 2014

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“To Grow or Not to Grow? That’s the Question”
“Should You Treat Your Home as Your Investment?”
“Last-minute Tax Savers for 2014”
“Inform Employees about Their Total Pay”
“IRS Tax Notes”

Tax & Business Letter – Fall 2014

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Articles about tax effects of mutual funds investments, tax breaks for self-employeds, setting salary for small business owner, IRS warning of identity theft scams, vehicle deduction limits, breakeven analysis for better business choices

Tax & Business Letter – Summer 2014

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“Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business”
“C or S Corporation: How Does Your Entity Choice Affect Your Taxes?”
“Prepare for the Medicare Surtax in Your 2014 Planning”
“Make Time for Taxes Before Saying ‘I do”
“Review Your Credit Policies”
IRS Tax Notes – IRA Rollover Rule Changes, Reporting Requirements of Foreign Financial Accounts

Tax & Business Letter – Spring 2014

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Tax calendar, IRS tax notes, and articles titled:
“IRS Issues “Repair Regulations” for 2014″
“If You Make Gifts, You May Be Required to File a Gift Tax Return”
“What can you deduct when your customers don’t pay”
“IRS Audits: What You Need to Know to Reduce Your Risk”
“Should You Lease or Buy Equipment?

Tax & Business Letter-Winter 2013

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Articles about IRS 1099 rules and upcoming deadlines,
health care reform law for individuals, suggestions to ease financial stress after a spouse’s death, money tips for the younger generation

2013 Year-end Tax Planning

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American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
2012-1099 Reporting
2012 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Individuals and Businesses

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2010 Year-end Tax Strategies and Records for Business Income Tax Returns
2010 Year-End Tax Saving Strategies for Your Individual 1040 Tax Return

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