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Tax Law Updates for the Year 2015

Advance Projections Released for 2015 Tax Numbers
IRS Releases Inflation-Adjusted Tax Numbers for 2015

Tax Law Updates for the Year 2014

How Will Health Care Reform Affect You and Your Taxes?-October 2014
More Changes Made to Affordable Care Act Deadlines- Feb. 2014
IRS Publishes Business Vehicle Deduction Limits for 2014
Equipment Write Off Decreases for 2014
2014 Health Care Law Update
Use IRS Adjusted Numbers for 2014 Tax Planning

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Current Tax Laws & Financial Considerations

Business Management Tips
Understand Sunk Costs in Business Decisions
How to Go into Business with Your Spouse and Succeed
Will Your Shareholder Loan Stand Up to IRS Scrutiny?
Taxes and Your New Business
Tips in Managing Growth in Your Business
Is Your Business Dependent on Too Few?

Is a Business Valuation Useful? Yes!
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare If You Want to Get Your Bank Loan
A Vital Business Document: the Buy / Sell Agreement
Take Steps to Boost Your Business Profits

Every Small Business Should Establish Controls

Business Tax Tips
Four Tax Breaks for the Self-Employed
Could you Benefit from Cost Segregation?
Hiring Family in the Family Business Can Cut Taxes
Know the Tax Rules for Selling Online
Combine Business Pleasure & Tax Breaks on Summer Trips
Nonprofit Organizations May Have Tax Obligations
Deadline Approaching for Non-Profit Organizations
Should You Incorporate Your Business?
Is Paying Zero Tax a Good Idea for your C Corporation?
Who Owes Self-employment Tax
Deductions for Business Travel Expenses Need Support
1099-Information Reporting for Businesses
Capitalization VS. Expensing
Basis is an Important Tax Concept
Independent Contractor or Employee – The Distinction Matters to the IRS
2013 New IRS Regulations – Business Deducting & Capitalizing Tangible Property Expenses
Tax Rules for Deductibility of Meals and Entertainment Expenses
Reminder of 10/1/2013 Exchange Notice Distribution Requirement
Health Care Exchange Notice Cover Letter
Sample Health Care Exchange Notice
Adjustment to Payroll Taxes – expiration of “payroll tax holiday” after 2012
R&D Tax Credits
Business Changes in HIRE Act – March 26, 2010

Investment & Retirement Planning
Update Your Beneficiary Designations
Supreme Court Denies Bankruptcy Protection of Inherited IRAs
Four Tips for Organizing Your Finances
Dealing with Finances after the Death of a Spouse
Grandparents Can Help with College Costs
Consider a Disciplined Investment Strategy
Tips on How to Save More for Retirement
Singles Need Financial Planning
Leaving Your Job? Weigh the Options of a Rollover
Study Reveals Retirement Concerns
Adjust Your 2014 Investment Strategy with an Eye on Taxes
Do You Need Life Insurance on Your Children
Emergency Savings – How Much Is Enough
Take a Penalty-free IRA Withdrawal for Medical Expenses
2013 Roth IRA
Roth IRA Letter – June 10, 2010
Roth IRA Letter – June 17, 2010

Individual Tax Tips
Tax ID Theft Victims May Obtain Copies of Fraudulent Returns
SaveTaxes Before Year-End
Pay Attention to the IRS Rules for Charitable Donations

Take a Lesson on Educational Tax Breaks
Foreign Earned Income & Housing Cost Exclusions for U.S. Citizens
& Resident Aliens Living Abroad
There is a Way to Fix Tax Return Errors
Do Not Overlook the Child Care Tax Credit This Summer!
Consider Tax Filing Status If You Are Divorcing
Worthless Stock and Tax Timing
Should You Ask the Cost of a Gift?
Selling Vacant Land Could Bring a Tax Break
Have You Checked Your Withholding Lately?
Planning Can Save Your Vacation Home Tax Deductions
Is Married Filing Separately Ever the Right Filing Status?
How Not to Become Pen Pals with the IRS
Gift Tax Returns Due April 15
IRS Suggests Using Tax Refunds for Bonds
An Extension to File your Tax Return is Not an Extension to Pay!
Do Not Pay Tax on Nontaxable Income
Take Your Choice for Deducting Home Office Expenses on 2013 Tax Returns
Unemployment Benefits are Taxable
IRS Alerts Taxpayers To Latest Tax Scam
Steps to Protect Yourself from Tax Season Scams & Identity Theft
The AMT – Will This Tax Apply to You
Tax Time is a Good Time to Talk Finances With Your Spouse
How to Maximize Your Tax Deduction After a Disaster Strikes
Do Not Overlook the So Called Nanny Tax
Check The Tax Rules Before Lending Money To Relatives
Parents Can Cut Taxes with Child-related Credits
Does Your Recordkeeping Need Improvement
Find the Key to Home Office Deductions