Financial Forecasts, Budget Planning, & Analysis

How does your profit margin compare with businesses in your industry, size and region? Is the trending of your company profit margins favorable? How much sales do you need to reach your target profit? What will it cost to add a new product line? With patented software and our depth of experience, we develop financial reports to answer these and other questions, discuss findings and recommendations, and upon request help with implementation of strategies. We work closely with clients to help them successfully manage the growth of their businesses.

Financial Forecasts and Budget Planning

Mangold Anker Phillips uses sophisticated software tools to generate comprehensive multi-dimensional business forecasts and prospective financial statements.

Whether starting a company, adding or removing product lines, or contemplating financing alternatives, we can assist in developing projections to support your team and aid in your decision making process.

Statement Sense℠ – Making sense of your financial statements

Do your financial statements make sense? Does your accountant explain what’s behind the numbers and what they mean? Our exclusive Statement Sense Service uses sophisticated patented software technology to provide plain language reports to explain financial data including industry comparisons and trend analysis. The Statement Sense service includes a printed report and face-to-face results analysis. You are under no obligation to purchase additional services from Mangold Anker Phillips.

First, complete a questionnaire about your business. You will provide information about your industry, your product(s), and the current state of your business.

Next, we analyze your responses and generate your Statement Sense report. The report provides a detailed financial analysis that is logical and reliable, showing where your company currently stands in comparison to industry norms and making recommendations for improving profitability.

Finally, we will sit down with you and review your Statement Sense report. We will explain your results to you and answer any questions you may have. The process can end here, or you may wish to continue by taking advantage of our Business Coaching Services. Either way, the Statement Sense analysis is yours to keep and refer to as a valuable strategic planning tool.

Make your business more profitable. For a clear picture of your company’s current financial health we recommend the Statement Sense report.

To order your Statement Sense analysis or to learn more about it, please contact us.